groPartners Inc. is a farm and land management company serving the Prairies region of Western Canada.

groPartners builds partnerships with grain farmers and farm land investors, to help them both grow their return from crop production and land ownership through improved scale, management, and risk sharing.

Partnerships with Land Owners

If you are a Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Manitoba Farmland owner who is finding you don’t have the time and/or knowledge to manage your land we can help. 

groPartners land management services  will ensure you receive a fair return and your land is managed using a sustainable approach.  Working with us can increase your management options, improve returns, and ensure sustainability of your investment.

There may be many reasons why you own farmland.  You may consider it a safe storage of wealth which can also provide good annual returns and a hedge against inflation.  Or perhaps you inherited land your family farmed in the past.  Regardless of your reason, proper management is essential to protect the interests that your farmland represents.  Our agricultural expertise and services can help sustain the future value of your land and give you the opportunity to improve your returns while helping farmers reach their farm growth goals.

Sustainability for Land Owners

At groPartners, we believe that maintaining the sustainability of your investment in farmland is the highest priority. By managing the relationship with the farmer tenant on your behalf, we improve the sustainability of your investment in these three areas: 

Land Value Example

Farmland's value is based on the productivity of its soil which has taken thousands of years to be created. Ensuring the soil is properly cared for is the key to maintaining your farmland's value and protecting the environment.

groPartners has the agricultural knowledge and ability to monitor and track changes on your land, as well as the willingness and expertise to work with farm tenants to recommend and implement improvements. This helps ensure that the soil's productivity and the land's natural ecosystems are protected.

Annual Returns

Business minded farmers recognize that in order for the agriculture industry to secure needed investment, land owners must receive reasonable annual returns. At groPartners, we evaluate the current level of return to you, the land owner, to determine if it is appropriate. In production agriculture, like most business endeavours, risk and reward are tightly linked.

If your objective is to increase returns, we can help evaluate and implement lease agreements that allow you to increase your participation in the risks and rewards of the crop production on your land. We have unique experience in creating and properly monitoring these more complex shared risk and reward agreements to ensure the objectives and needs of both the farmer and landowner are met.


Agriculture Industry

Well managed farms are great businesses. However, as optimum farm size and capital needs increase, the entrance barriers to younger, growing farmers also increase.

Our expertise in creating agreements, which provide younger, growing farmers a way to share the risks and rewards of the production occurring on their farms with outside investors can be a powerful way for you as a land owner to contribute to maintaining a healthy farming industry into the future.

Services for Land Owners

For farmland owners, groPartners services have been designed to help make the most of your investment.  Whether you are looking to expand your holdings or get the most out of your current land, we can provide you the following services:

  • Land evaluations
  • Sourcing of farmer tenants
  • Rental agreement establishment
  • Crop planning and input recommendations
  • Financial projections and budgeting
  • Monitoring of land and production
  • Rent collection
  • Grain marketing
  • Risk management

Types of Lease Arrangements

There are many different lease arrangements practiced in agriculture today.  Many Land owners, out of a need to minimize their time required to manage land investments enter into simple fixed cash rental agreements.   In many cases, this is the best option to meet the needs of the land owner and the farm tenant. But it often misses an opportunity for you, the land owner, to be more involved in the rewards of production occurring on your land.  groPartners can help you realize this opportunity.

With groPartners involved in the planning, monitoring, and management of these arrangements, options for more flexible and complex agreements exist.  As no two land owner and farmer situations are identical, groPartners works with you and local farmers to build creative arrangements which are mutually beneficial.

These arrangement types can include:

  • Fixed cash payment
  • Variable cash rental tied to commodity prices and/or actual yields
  • Crop Share
  • Joint Venture
  • Custom Farming

Bryce Thompson, PAg, CCA

Areas of expertise:
  • Field crop management and agronomy
  • Farm and business management
  • Production economics
  • Farm equipment and technology
  • Grain marketing
  • Farm training and extension
  • Farmland evaluation
Work Experience:
  • President of groPartners since 2010
  • Canadian General Manager of a large precision agriculture consulting firm
  • Senior Agronomist with One Earth farms.  Carried out land evaluation work and developed and assisted in implementing cropping plans and operating budgets
  • Field Program Manager for AgStream Inc.  Established Joint Venture arrangements with Farmers to assist with their operating capital requirements
  • Canola Technical Marketing Agronomist with Bayer CropScience in Regina, SK.  Worked with many farmers in the brown, black, and grey soil zones of Saskatchewan to implement new and improve existing canola programs
  • Numerous roles with Crop Input manufacturers and retails in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta working with farmers to improve the sustainability and profitability of their cropping systems
Education, Designations & Current Industry Involvements:
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB (1999)
  • Professional Agrologist (PAg) status – Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists
  • Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), American Society of Agronomy (2000)
  • Executive Development Program, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, AB (2007-2008)
  • Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation Board of Directors


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