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Sustainability for Land Owners

At groPartners, we believe that maintaining the sustainability of your investment in farmland is the highest priority. By managing the relationship with the farmer tenant on your behalf, we improve the sustainability of your investment in these three areas: 

Land Value:

Farmland's value is based on the productivity of its soil which has taken thousands of years to be created. Ensuring the soil is properly cared for is the key to maintaining your farmland's value and protecting the environment. groPartners has the agricultural knowledge and ability to monitor and track changes on your land, as well as the willingness and expertise to work with farm tenants to recommend and implement improvements. This helps ensure that the soil's productivity and the land's natural ecosystems are protected.

Annual Returns:

Business minded farmers recognize that in order for the agriculture industry to secure needed investment, land owners must receive reasonable annual returns. At groPartners, we evaluate the current level of return to you, the land owner, to determine if it is appropriate. In production agriculture, like most business endeavours, risk and reward are tightly linked. If your objective is to increase returns, we can help evaluate and implement lease agreements that allow you to increase your participation in the risks and rewards of the crop production on your land. We have unique experience in creating and properly monitoring these more complex shared risk and reward agreements to ensure the objectives and needs of both the farmer and landowner are met.

Agriculture Industry:

Well managed farms are great businesses. However, as optimum farm size and capital needs increase, the entrance barriers to younger, growing farmers also increase. Our expertise in creating agreements, which provide younger, growing farmers a way to share the risks and rewards of the production occurring on their farms with outside investors can be a powerful way for you as a land owner to contribute to maintaining a healthy farming industry into the future.

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     groPartners Delivers:
  • Agriculture Expertise
  • Professional Service
  • Innovative Land Management
  • Unquestioned Integrity

        Global Aspirations

Although groPartners is based in Western Canada, we have global aspirations because our unique approach to farm and land management has universal application to modern large scale crop production everywhere.

We are passionate about what we do and are always seeking opportunities to share our experience and expertise anywhere.

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